Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Answering Rhyme

Clean out the closet, box up my clothes. Fold them neatly, stack them high.

Make the most out of your new space. The drawers are now empty, too.

No more us or we or you-and-I

Or together or jointly or me-and-you

Burn the bridges, block all roads. You can look but don’t go back.

Take out the trash of years and years. The treasures, too, should go.

No more faults to point out or track

Or fix or figure out or know.

We had our parties, we had our laughs.

We had our run, we had our time.

You were my whole and my better half

My voice of reason, my answering rhyme.

We had our fights, we shed our tears.

Now wipe them dry and walk away.

We had our Renaissance, our Golden Age

We had our eternity of bliss.

Now comes our own Apocalypse.

Turn the key and set the lock. Never visit, never come back.

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